Kate Moss' eighth collection for Topshop hit stores today, launching online at 6am (British time—woe is us). Like her previous collections, the line is shaping up to be a smash hit; within the first hour of sales a claw print dress and the knitted mini dress had sold out, and there's no doubt they won't be the only ones. The lovely looks include drop waist twenties-inspired shifts, print and sequined dresses, cropped rocker chic jackets and skinny jeans. But although a lot of the pieces are gorgeous and covetable in their own right, we can't help but agree with Jezebel that a good number of them owe their glittering appeal to (surprise surprise) the fact that Kate is modeling them herself. Each piece looks pretty perfectly suited to Kate's pretty perfect frame, after all.

Most of her collection consist of sequins tops and dresses that can worn for evening wear.  The collection is not bad. More pictures after this jump…



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